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Arrowhead Industrial Services USA, Inc and its subsidiaries (Arrowhead Limited and Arrowhead EU) provide their clients with a single source for cylinder certifications/approvals and performance laboratory testing. With one call, you can speak with the most appropriate Arrowhead Team Member to answer your questions and receive the support you need.

Arrowhead Industrial Services USA, Inc. provides a responsive value-added experience by being the only domestic IIA committed to a UKAS 17020 accredited quality management system. Coupled with our direct involvement in cylinder/pressure vessel publication standards development such as the Compressed Gas Association, Canadian Standards Association and Technical Committee 58 working groups provide Arrowhead with the most current technical positions, direct working knowledge and historical relevance to guide you through the complex regulatory processes of certifications and approvals.

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If you are just venturing into the compressed gas
cylinder field, or have an approval that is nearing
expiration or have the need to expand your approval(s)
we can guide you through the approval process.

Our services

  • USDOT CFR 49 specification cylinders (i.e. 3A, 3AA, 3T, 3AL, 39, CFFC, etc.)
  • USDOT CFR 49 UN ISO cylinders (i.e. ISO 9809-1,2,3,4, ISO 7866, ISO 11119, ISO 11120, etc.)
  • USDOT Special Permit cylinder specifications
  • Transport Canada B339 cylinders
  • Transport Canada B341 UN ISO cylinders
  • Transport Canada TC-SU “special permit” cylinders
  • New at time of manufacture certification of cylinders
  • Pre-Audit services for USDOT UN ISO approvals
  • Certification of Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001 supplied by Arrowhead Limited UK)
  • ECE R110 (Technical Service supplied by Arrowhead Limited UK)

  • EC 79 (Technical Service supplied by Arrowhead Limited UK)

  • ADR (supplied by Arrowhead Limited, UK or Arrowhead EU, Portugal)
  • CSA B51
  • USDOT cylinder requalification inspection program (RIN)
  • USDOT Verification Testing Facility
  • Transport Canada cylinder requalification inspection program
  • Type I, II, III, IV and V Cylinder/Pressure vessel product development testing
  • Cylinder/Pressure Vessel Design Qualification/Type Approval testing
  • CSA NGV-2 (Steel, Aluminum, Welded, COPV II, III, IV and V) (Service supplied by Arrowhead USA)

  • CSA HGV-2 (Steel, COPV II, III, IV and V) (Service supplied by Arrowhead USA)

NEW and RENEWAL Applicants

USDOT RIN approvals are granted for a 5-year period and a renewal application must be made to the USDOT approvals office 60 days prior to expiration.

A RIN holder must arrange for an independent inspection agency, approved by the USDOT, to perform an on-site review of its inspection or requalification operation. The company seeking approval must bear the cost of the inspection.

Applications must be made in accordance with 49 CFR sections 107.805 and 107.705

If the inspection performed by an independent inspection agency is completed with satisfactory results, the applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from the independent inspection agency, an inspection report, and an application containing the information prescribed in the above referenced sections.

FOR a RENEWAL ONLY {excerpt from 49 CFR 107.705} For an approval with an expiration date, each application for renewal or modification must be filed in the same manner as an original application. If, at least 60 days before an existing approval expires the holder files an application for renewal that is complete and conforms to the requirements of this section, the approval will not expire until final administrative action on the application for renewal has been taken. Operation under an expired approval not filed within 60 days of the expiration date is prohibited.

Please schedule your renewal inspection at least 90 to 180 days prior to the approval expiration date.

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