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The Arrowhead Company was established in 1954 as an independent inspection agency whose primary function was to provide quality-testing services to the high and low-pressure compressed gas container industry. After approval from the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), the approval authority, Arrowhead established itself by providing highly qualified services to our first client in New Jersey. Later, the newly established Canadian Transport Commission (CTC) granted approval. After a pattern of continual growth, The Arrowhead Company re-structured into Arrowhead Industrial Services, Inc. (AISI) in 1964.

With the establishment of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), and the transfer of authority from the ICC, came the more formal approval process for Independent Inspection agencies. Under the rules of the newly established Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA) of the DOT, Arrowhead Industrial Services was granted the first approval as an independent inspection agency (IA01).

Since that time Arrowhead has been officially recognized and issued approvals by over ten national authorities as well as various branches of the Department of Defense (DOD).

Today, our staff consists of inspectors, engineers, auditors, technicians and quality management specialists whose credentials and expertise in the compressed gas container industry qualifies Arrowhead as the premier inspection agency for gas container testing and analysis.

Coupling our multi-national staff with our network of international office locations in the United States, China and The United Kingdom, along with our full service laboratories located in North Carolina and California, make our service the most responsive and highly qualified in the world.

Arrowhead Industrial Services, Limited
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Service contracts are also undertaken by AIS Limited of Bourne, UK which is accredited to 17020:2012 and appointed as a notified body for PED and TPED. AIS Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of AISI. AIS Limited is also approved as a Technical Services through NSAI, for ECER110 and EC79 for Compressed natural gas and hydrogen Pressure vessels
Established 1998
Celebrating 65 years 1954-2019